Need to change your WordPress password in the database? Here’s how

Sometimes you just can’t reset your WordPress password. Maybe you don’t have access to the associated email address or maybe the site isn’t able to relay reminder emails. Whatever the reason, it’s possible to change manage WordPress users and your username and password directly in the database. However, before you start, firstly, make sure you’ve […]

Images upload fine but don’t display in the WordPress media manager – how to fix

This is a simple guide to fixing the problem where your images appear to upload to your WordPress site but don’t display properly in the media manager Ever experienced that problem where you upload an image through the WordPress media-manager, but they don’t appear properly? It appears like it has uploaded but there is just […]

Setting your WordPress site language to English (UK)

On occasion I’ve come across WordPress installations that don’t have English (UK) as an available language and it turns out it’s not such a straight-forward problem to fix. The default WordPress installation comes with all manner of languages including Spanish, Japanese, Indonesian, and Korean, however, English (UK) isn’t always there. I suppose the reasoning behind […]